Continuing with the long tradition (curse) where everything that I buy turns to shit, about a month ago, a brand new spanking USB drive died on me. Now this was 1 TB of information that suddenly had gone on a way ticket to hell. Luckily, I had backups of almost everything in that drive (mostly porn and TV Shows – always backup your porn!). Anyhow, whenever I plugged the driver, it would start flashing and once it showed in the Finder, I could not access anything on it. None of my hard drive utilities did anything. So I tried the next thing anyone with serious mental disorders would try.

I downloaded MacDrive Trial and installed it on a Windows XP box I had (I was SOL at that point, so it could not get any worse). I plugged in the drive and my jaw dropped when I saw the drive show up. I thought that maybe it did show up, but maybe all files were corrupt. Once I accessed the drive through the newtork from my Powerbook, I mounted a DMG file and it mounted!!!

Needless to say, I am right now recovering all info from the drive and will reformat afterwards. Who would have thought XP, of all OSes, would be able to see and read info from a damaged disk? Unbelievable.

New Indispensable Tool: CrossOver

November 26th, 2006

When I heard about CrossOver being able to run Windows programs without Windows, I was like “yeah right”. I did not even bother installing things as I was certain that they would not work. Well, today I needed to see how my page displayed on Internet Explorer for Windows, and before I launched Parallels I decided to give Crossover a test drive. The end result: Impressive.

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Seems like there are more and more creative idiots out there sharing files with half-assed standards. The last one was when I downloaded a movie and it came in two parts: bin and cue…lovely. Ok, so Toast can only burn this onto a CD and VLC will only play it. But I don’t want either one, I want a stupid mpg file that has the movie – is that too much to ask for?

The process is not so straighforward, and it requires using a command line utility, read on if you would like o know what to do to convert a VCD to a non-retarded downloadable format.
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