As of this point, I don’t even know if this is going to work. I want to install SSH on the AppleTV so I can then add an external USB drive as the primary source of storage. This is being documented so that someone can learn from my mistakes, to ease out the documentation out there that is a bit rough around the edges, and finally to guide someone who is willing to help find any stupid mistakes I made along the way…let’s get started…

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New iPod: Get Real

September 5th, 2007


The new iPhones came out…let’s do a checklist:

Sweet sweet touch screen a la iPhone: √
Wifi for sweet internet browsing: √
Huge kickass, spatious HD: X

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? 8 & 16GB hard drives? Apple, do you realize what you’ve done?!?!?! You are offering an iPod with 3+ GB of space more than the 1st generation iPod…whoever buys this is an Apple fanboy no doubt… hmmm…. I wonder if they will be available the next time I am in Seattle ;)

Two Substitutes for

September 3rd, 2007

Oftentimes we are looking for application bundles that will let us use a new application instead of two old ones. This time around, I will recommend the exact opposite: install two apps that will replace your use of (the default image and pdf viewer for OS X).

There is nothing wrong with preview, in fact, I think it is way ahead than any of the default image viewers in Windows (not sure if in Vista, this has changed). Preview is also by far more efficient than Adobe’s PDF reader when it comes to skimming through PDFs. That being said, the old Preview has just not learned new tricks in a while, so let’s go ahead and let the old guy rest and bring in two new additions to the game.

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Safari Plus

July 14th, 2007


If you want to browse the Internet using Safari without being annoyed by all the Flash Advertisements, check out Safari Plus:

It will block all the garbage and substitute it by a dotted window. If you want load the video, just click the box.

A Time Saving Widget

July 11th, 2007

If you ever need to upload an image so that anyone can see it, you might need to use imageshack. The process is straighforward, but if you have a Mac, the process can be a matter of seconds. With the widget created by the good folks at Model Concept, the process is as easy as what you see in the images above (which are images hosted on Imageshack).

Drag an image to the widget and it will not only be automatically uploaded for you, but it will also create a tinyurl so that you can reference the image without having to write long ass URLs. The URL to the image will be on the clipboard for your easy access. Mix that with my super kick ass script and now you can embed an image in an e-mail in really no time at all. Here is the direct download since the one in the web page seems to be messed up:


Apple’s Mail application is a great way to deal with your everyday mail, but it lacks in some areas. One thing I cannot stand is not being able to edit an HTML message directly. If you want to embed an image from Flickr, for instance, you cannot. You have to manually create a web page, include the image as part of the html source and select Mail Contents of this page, which is clearly overkill.

After some testing, I wrote an applescript that will write an e-mail message with the image URL you have on the clipboard. If you ever want to embed an image in a mail message, just copy the URL onto the clipboard, run the script and you are good to go. Read more for the source!

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Backup – not everyone does it, yet everyone needs it. If you do not backup and have yet to lose something, consider yourself a very lucky person because sooner or later, something will fail. Whether your machine crashes and damages data, or you drop your portable and mess up the hard drive, or whether someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff, it is bound to happen. You need to backup things that are irreplaceable (pictures, documents, work) on weekly basis. I have quickly grown into a backup freak and will show you in this post, how to backup some if your things in the best way possible.

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I use Synergy as an iTunes navigator, which works great. You can assign shortcuts to move to next track, pause, and so on. Another cool thing that it does is to get the artwork for the current track in case it does not already have it. Synergy, however, will not set the artwork on the mp3 itself, it will just place it somewhere on your HD. You can however, select the menu option to copy the artwork of the current track:


That is all very nice, yes – but what about the other tracks on the album that should have the same artwork? By downloading some scripts from Doug’s Applescript’s site, I was able to write a small script that will set the artwork of the current selection to that of the currently playing track. Read more to get a hold of the script.

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OS X has a feature that allows you to mount a network disk and it will show in your Finder as if it was a local disk:


When the disk is mounted, you can treat it as any disk and carry out operations such as move, copy, rename, remove, etc. Every now and then, for some reason, OS X might lose connection to the network disk and all hell breaks lose. Instead of gracefully exiting, alerting you, and resuming, every application will start suffering what I have dubbed as the “Spinning Beachball Death”. That is correct, every application will start losing functionality, and enter a useless cycle beachball that does not end.

Read on if you wanna see a movie I captured of this behavior happening.

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While browsing through some of the menus in Ecto (this application is the best blogging editor), I found some menus about Flickr incorporation. It turns out you can include Flickr pictures immediately if you download a (free) application called 1001. Once you launch the app, it will show your streams (once you have configured your flicker info)


From there you can select the image you want to display and click on the Blog This button, and after some tweaking, voilá:

389096618 757028Ac96 B

That is certainly faster that my previous method.