The Unfaithful Faith

August 11th, 2010

Every year on August 2nd, Costa Rica celebrates “The Virgin of the Angels” or “The Negrita”. I have touched base with this tradition a few times in the past, so please read it if you are not familiar with the subject.

What struck me this year, was the following story:

That woman right there is Costa Rican’s actual president, Laura Chinchilla. A faithful devotee to the Catholic religion even though she had the “guts” to remarry, something that upon her god’s eyes is judged as adultery (gotta love a god that is so eager to judge on someone loving someone).

What I find funny…in a “clown serial killer who eats your brains for shits and giggles” kind of funny way, is the fact that the president of this country reaches out to an imaginary friend to “give her strength to keep away violence from our schools and homes”. That is just grand, BEST IDEA EVER. How about we place some kind of religious symbol in our homes and schools to keep all evil away? Wait, what? We already have some kind of religious symbol in 90% of our homes and schools? And it hasn’t stopped evil? We’ll slap me in the ass and call me Sally, how on Earth did that happen?!?

You might think faith is good, that it harnesses no power whatsoever to do evil deeds amongst others, but I beg to differ. I think that faith should be strictly kept away from professions where decisions can have an incredible impact on others. Otherwise you *could* have leaders in the free world saying that god talked to them or something…what? You mean it’s happened before? Oh come fucking on!

See what faith does? How many people have died in Iraq to this day because “god” called G.W. on his private bat-phone and issued orders to seek and destroy? Far too many. And if god talked to this ass, what type of person does that make god? Doesn’t this dude have some kind of standard when it comes to reaching out? Come on!

Anyhow, my point is that if you have a Dr. performing surgery on you, you’d want this medic to be 100% of what the fuck he is doing with the scalpel. You don’t want this guy to say “shit, dunno what I’m doing, but the lord is with me”. Likewise, you don’t want someone being responsible for ruling a country, and delegating responsibility on a FUCKING STATUE to fix things.

I beg you, Laura Chinchilla, do not rely on statues, temples, books, or any kind of hocus-pocus to fix the shithole that this country has become. Might as well pray to your childhood blanket or teddy bear to fix this mess. I’d go with the blanket…no wait, the teddy bear…ah, fuck it.

grumpytico says:

Brutal quote Jose, definitely going into my quote collection! :)

Jose says:

Thought you might like this quote. I couldn’t find where he said it or whether he really said it, but I think it stands by itself:

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

Roman philosopher
Long time ago AD