Gotye Concert Impressions

December 14th, 2012

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I was lucky enough to be in Sydney to be invited to one of the best shows I have had the pleasure to attend in my life.  First, and foremost, with a bit of shame I have to admit that I knew very little about Gotye other than “Somebody that I used to Know”.

There were a couple of bands that opened for Gotye: one that I did not give a rat’s ass and Bertie Blackman (who I incoreectly identified as Bat for Lashes), who was an amazing performer with a great band (lots of percussion…me like lots of percussion)

As the frustrated drummer I am, I immediately sympathized with the extended use of percussion throughout the show.  It was not uncommon to see Gotye walk back into his percussion set and tear the living shit out of the song along with the drummer and another percussionist fellow.  You can see how the first song finished on this clip:

At the moment I thought “well, the show can finish right now and it was worth it!”

The show was far from over.  Gotye and his band kept rocking with many songs I had never heard before with a HUGE screen behind them of the music video they were playing.  Gotye’s videos are as estrange and captivating as his music.  Some are very “Dali-esque” and others, such as Bronte, have a japanese anime influence on them.  Mixed with the amazing show the musicians staged, the whole audio-visual experience was simply mesmerizing.

Speaking of “Bronte”, what a great fucking song.  I first heard it when someone posted it as a comment with the news that Fiona Apple had recently cancelled her South American show because she wanted to be with her dying dog.  The song is incredibly sad and is even more striking when heard live.

One of the many things I loved about the show was how dynamic it was.  Even Gotye at one point asked for round of a applause for the crew who, after each song, rushed and move every instrument around in accordance for the next song.

What a great night (not in chronological order):

Some concert footage:



grumpytico says:

Muchas gracias Don Félix, queda pendiente el almuerzo y el café en Febrero, saludos y feliz año!

Felix says:

Que tengas unas buenas y australes fiestas
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