22 Apr 2012

Seins kämpfen

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About 3 weeks ago I included “Telenoticias” in my Facebook.  “Telenoticias” is Costa Rican television news network in Costa Rica.  I could say it is the most respectable, but in a country where television networks are a fucking joke, “respectable” loses quite a bit of credibility.

Anyhow..Telenoticias and some of the blogs I read have been plagued with comments around the news that some cop in Costa Rica is a neonazi.   Apparently there are plenty of these clowns.  They get together, get drunk and celebrate  that they find some kind of logic in Hitler’s beliefs.   The photos can be striking – I think we as human beings have developed a “Pavlov’s dog” instinct and twitch in disgust and rage when we see a swastika:

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