I am one who likes to see everything from an objective and messed-up perspective. A ‘half empty’ person, an optimist with experience (a pessimist) and I am not usually satisfied with what is given to me. I will usually be against the status quo not because I think differently than anyone else, but rather because I like to have counter points regardless of what they are.

Like any rational person, I enjoy alcohol in all of its sweet and sacred forms. I don’t believe in fate, I don’t believe in one supreme being that created this whole entropic mess. Oftentimes, I do not find myself trying to figure out what to believe, but instead, how to do things in my life so I can be in control instead of pleading to something that does not exist.

I respect those who have faith and believe in whatever they believe. I just think religion, in any form, is usually the culprit in many, if not all, the problems we see day to day.

I like computers, web design, programming, and pretty much learning about anything. I hate chocolate.