Chavela Vargas dies, Costa Ricans rejoice

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I thought that if I ever wanted to split open my guts and have aneurysm by reading fucktard comments, all I had to do was open comments and read away.  Dead wrong.  All I had to do was follow Telenoticias Facebook feed and try and digest the news when Chavela Vargas died.

Who is Chavela Vargas?  Good question.  She is a born Costa Rican musician who hated and despised this country due to how she was treated because of her sexuality.  Eventually she left Costa, and from what I read, she sold all of her chooks to get a plane ticket to Mexico, country that welcomed her and her career.

Personally, I don’t like her music that much.  I’ve heard her in Pink Martini’s “Piensa en Mi” song, which is somewhat disturbing, but I have to admit there is a certain… (no, I am not going to say je ne sais quois) agony in her voice that is worth listening to.

The day Chavela died was the day that this country raised itself in a pathetic whimsy voice and said “GOOD RIDDANCE!”.  Good riddance to what, may I ask?  To a woman who did not give a shit about the status quo and simply left the country that despised her to live her life?  To an artist that has been quoted in a Joaquin Sabina’s song and has recorded with Pink Martini?  Pardon my ignorance and my lack of counting skills, but the last time I checked, ZERO Costa Rican musicians had reached those goals.

So why is that Chavela’s death was such an anticipated glorious event for Costa Ricans?  Because (fuck, am I pulling clichés left and right tonight?) this country cannot handle the truth.  No one even cares abut why this woman despised this country, they just hate the fact that she did and reciprocated with biggest vile of hate you could imagine.  Costa Rica is a country where everybody likes to be sweet talked and if you even dare to say that the national beer is shit (which, may I add, is utter truth), then you are in a world of hurt.

I thought for a second getting into an argument in Facebook with all these moronic souls who peravsively and cowardly gathered together to annihilate a common enemy, a human being who found indifference, discrimination, and hatred in a country that is labeled as the happiest mother fucking country on this planet.  But then again I thought: “I’d rather masturbate and be happy”.

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