07 Jan 2009

This Explains it all: Satan is the ruler of the World

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Today, while playing with my dog outside, I saw a flyer tucked in the gates.  Thinking that it was a bill, I fetched it (my dog still does not know how to do this trick) and then I realized this was no bill at all.  When I started reading, I thought it was the movie synapse of the next Harry Potter movie: invisible evil entities, test of will, contacting the dead.  Fuck, I was sold, I had to watch this movie!  But then, I realized that it was a pamphlet based on bible passages that explains why the world is all fucked up.  Bummer.

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17 Jul 2006

Soda Stereo and Echo and the Bunnymen: Who copied who?

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One of the things I love best is to load my 60 GB iPod with random music from my 26,277 song collection. I then listen to it while I work and oftentimes I discover that I have music that really sucks. On the other hand, every now and then I find a small gem that is hiding and waiting to be heard again and again and again.

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31 May 2006

The Beauty of non Human Interaction

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So it is 9:32 pm, I am starving and I know that there is no way I will find something to eat in the apartment. While it would be theoretically possible to go out and drive to a sushi joint and get something healthy, my inner procrastinator is telling me not to do so. After debating for several minutes and finding the perfect set of excuses (it’s raining, too much traffic, the car might explode, etc.) it is settled – delivery.

I finally decide to go for Papa Johns. Is it because they have great pizza? Yup, but that is not the key factor. After I place my order on my computer, I realize why I chose it. It is one of the few delivery places that will allow you to place an order without talking to a human being.

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25 May 2006

Awful Experience with American Airlines

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Ahh…the joys of travel..driving to the airport, long check-in lines, slow and tedious security checks, flight delays, and last but not least asshole personnel. Sorry, I had to use those words, there is no other way this post would be true if I had not done so.

A year ago, around June of 2005, I had what I think is the worst travel experience in my life. It was with last person in an airport who you think could make your life miserable. It was HELL. The letter is quite long and IMHO worth a read:

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19 May 2006

The Postal Service: Something New

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I am halfway listening to The Postal Service’s album Give Up. Even though some songs sound like the starting chime of the Pac-Man arcade (and throughout some songs as well), the electronic arrangement is very, very cool.

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