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About 3 weeks ago I included “Telenoticias” in my Facebook.  “Telenoticias” is Costa Rican television news network in Costa Rica.  I could say it is the most respectable, but in a country where television networks are a fucking joke, “respectable” loses quite a bit of credibility.

Anyhow..Telenoticias and some of the blogs I read have been plagued with comments around the news that some cop in Costa Rica is a neonazi.   Apparently there are plenty of these clowns.  They get together, get drunk and celebrate  that they find some kind of logic in Hitler’s beliefs.   The photos can be striking – I think we as human beings have developed a “Pavlov’s dog” instinct and twitch in disgust and rage when we see a swastika:

Neonazi Tico


People immediately see a threat and have demanded that this person has no place in police enforcement.  That how come he could pass all psychological tests considering how dangerous he is.

I for one, think the whole situation is a joke.  If Hitler was brought to life today and saw the photo above, he would immediately proceed to take a cyanide cocktail.  The irony of dark-skinned people being nazis is beyond this blog post could ever hope to explain.  The guys above are only seeking attention and they have found that by being different in this matter will make them stand out.  That is all.  Perhaps they have found some kind of logic in “Mein Kamp” and if they have, who the fuck are we to judge?  I’ve never read any of Hitler’s books, but I doubt they can be as dangerous as the bible in the hands of any fucktard extremist.

Now the question that begs to be asked is: “should this guy be allowed to be a cop”.  A cop should be a person that protects and serves the community regardless of their sex, age, religion, or any trait in particular.  Following neonazi beliefs would go against those principles, so I think there would a conflict of interests that would not make him a good cop.  I’m seriously debating this one and I really can’t reach a conclusion.  I know he is not the best candidate, but at least he’s open about it – how many elements of the Costa Rica force are sexists, homophobic, racists underneath and are allowed to continue working because they haven’t exposed their demons (yet?)

And if you think about it – an aptitude for a particular position based on beliefs can be a touchy subject.  Think for instance of doctors…do you think a doctor who is a catholic and could make a decision based on “god’s will” is the best candidate for the job?

Food for thought.


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  1. Felix April 22, 2012

    Excelente post

  2. grumpytico April 22, 2012

    Muchas gracias Don Felix – saludos!

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