The Beauty of non Human Interaction

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So it is 9:32 pm, I am starving and I know that there is no way I will find something to eat in the apartment. While it would be theoretically possible to go out and drive to a sushi joint and get something healthy, my inner procrastinator is telling me not to do so. After debating for several minutes and finding the perfect set of excuses (it’s raining, too much traffic, the car might explode, etc.) it is settled – delivery.

I finally decide to go for Papa Johns. Is it because they have great pizza? Yup, but that is not the key factor. After I place my order on my computer, I realize why I chose it. It is one of the few delivery places that will allow you to place an order without talking to a human being.

After seeing the Order Placed on my screen, it brings a grin to my face. I did not have to speak with anyone whose English was hard to comprehend, I was not rushed in making my decision, and the odds of getting an incorrect order are only possible if the delivery guy (a human) makes a mistake.

In this age of dealing with people who hate their jobs and are only in because hey have nowhere else to go, interacting with humans is really tiring. In the US people have the blessing of self service at the gas pump, of going to the supermarket and using a self check-out line, heck, even at the Home Depot you can go in, pay and get the hell out without interacting with a carbon based life form.

In Costa Rica we are eons away from that. Gas pumps are infested with inefficient, often incompetent people who will put Diesel in your gas car because they misheard you. Self-check out at the supermarket? Not quite. Even though most people at the cashiers in the supermarket are efficient (otherwise, they’d be fired), it is sometimes irritating dealing with the attitude. But who can blame them? They have to interact with many, many pissed off customers who think they have a right to treat supermarket employees like crap.

I unfortunately don’t think things will change for the good. European countries where people’s hospitality is mind-blowing, will eventually succumb to the indifference of the modern age human being and will adopt these nasty, nasty behaviors.

And that is the reason, my friends, why every day I am happier that I can get order a pizza without talking to a human being. Sad but true.

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  1. christian August 6, 2008

    @Me in 2006: Wow, great fucking post!!! BTW, buy APPL stocks NOW!!!

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